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Simpson And Parsons Holiday Home Insurance

Whether you are a Commercial or Residential Landlord with many properties or just one, Simpson & Parsons are able to provide a solution to protecting your property or properties whilst being used by a Third Party.



Covers Offered Recommended For
Commercial  Single or multiple properties
Residential  Single or multiple properties and including Residential Associations & Blocks of Flats
Holiday Homes Single or multiple properties
Unoccupied Property Awaiting occupancy or sale


There are three main strands of cover under a Property Owners policy:

1) The Buildings – this is based on the reinstatement value of your property (as provided by you) and the nature of the occupancy of the building. eg. A tenant manufacturing fireworks is a far greater risk than a business occupying the premises as an office!

2) Property Owners Liability – covering your liability as a Landlord should someone suffer an injury as a result of you neglecting to take care of your building. The classic example of a tile falling from a roof and hitting a passerby would apply here.

3) Loss of Rent – covering your income should your building become untenantable following an insured loss such as Fire, Flood or Storm damage. Cover is usually underwritten in 12 month bands (referred to as an “Indemnity Period”), but we recommend a 36 month period.

You may also wish to consider Employers Liability cover if you employ someone to maintain your property on your behalf.

If you are a Landlord and would like a quotation for your property or properties, please do not hesitate to contact the Commercial Team.

Holiday Homes

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